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Getting a Whiter Smile Can Be Easy
By A Joshua Montgomery, DDS, PC
June 13, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  

Don’t wait to get the results you want. Professional whitening can help.

Nothing is more frustrating than using whitening toothpastes and at-home kits to realize that nothing seems to be doing its job. Of course, ifteeth whitening you want to see whiter results fast the most efficient way to do this is to turn to Dr. A. Joshua Montgomery, for professional whitening. You’ll get the results you want without all the at-home fuss.

The results you get with professional whitening will vary depending on the severity of your dental stains. In most cases, we can get your smile several shades whiter after just one whitening session. You’ll be able to see the difference right away, and it only takes about one hour to complete. Unless stains are severe, our Springfield dentist can often provide you with the results you want after one treatment, making it fast and convenient to get the smile you want.

While some people may find good results from at-home whitening products the unfortunate part is that the results don’t last as long as professional whitening does. The powerful peroxide within the gel is so highly concentrated that it doesn’t have to stay on your teeth for that long in order to whiten and brighten your smile.

In most cases, the whitening gel is painted over the front surface of your teeth and left on your teeth for up to 15 minutes, after which we will remove the gel and reapply a fresh new coat. Plus, getting professional whitening is simple and painless. Some people do report tooth sensitivity during and for a few days after treatment, but sensitivity is usually mild and goes away quickly. If you already face tooth sensitivity this is something to mention during your consultation so that we can figure out the best approach for getting you the results you want without having to exacerbate your tooth sensitivity.

Don’t let a yellowing smile bring you down. Our Springfield, MO, dental team is here to ensure that you get the results you want through cosmetic dentistry. Let’s sit down together and decide the best course of action for you, whether it’s professional teeth whitening or one of the other cosmetic treatments we offer.