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Reasons to Consider Crowns and Bridges
July 24, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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In Springfield MO, the dentist to consult about failing teeth or tooth replacement is Dr. A. Joshua Montgomery. He offers dental crowns and bridges to restore smile strength, function, and aesthetics.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a customized porcelain restoration that covers a tooth above the gums. Your Springfield dentist designs your crown with information from a complete exam and your X-rays and oral impressions at his Springfield, MO, office.

Then, he sends instructions to a trusted dental lab where a skilled ceramist fashions this tooth-shaped cap from medical-grade ceramic. A crown faithfully mimics natural tooth color, shape, and bite and is so durable it should last for ten years or longer with regular in-office and at-home care.

Reasons to get a crown from your Springfield dentist

1. Your tooth has broken or is in danger of fracture.

2. Your tooth has had a lot of restorative work--veneers or fillings, as examples--and it may fail.

3. Teeth whitening treatments cannot remove stains from extrinsic factors, such as tobacco and coffee, or intrinsic reasons, such as root canal therapy.

4. You cannot save a tooth without it.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic appliance consisting of one or more replacement teeth along with supporting crowns or dental implants. Some bridges bone to the tongue side of teeth (Maryland bridges) or receive support from teeth on only one side of the appliance (cantilevered bridges). In any case, a dental bridge is permanent: only your Springfield dentist can remove it.

Reasons to get bridgework

!. You have lost one or more teeth and wish to span the smile gap, improve your appearance, and restore your ability to eat and speak properly.

2. Bridges help you retain proper dental alignment. In general, tooth loss causes remaining teeth to drift toward space.

3. In the case of implant-supported bridges, your jaw bone health and integrity will improve despite the loss of your natural teeth, says, Dear Doctor. Dental implants reside in the jaw bone and exercise it when you bite and chew.

The evaluation and treatment process

Come to your Springfield dentist's office for a comprehensive exam, X-rays, and other imaging as needed. Dr. A. Joshua Montgomery will detail your options for preserving injured teeth or replacing missing or soon to be extracted teeth. Oral impressions and detailed specifications tell the dental lab how to construct your restorations or tooth replacements.

Afterward, you should care for your renewed smile with twice-daily brushing, once-daily flossing, and semi-annual check-ups and cleanings with Dr. A. Joshua Montgomery. Plaque and tartar cannot lead to decay of crowns and bridges, but their associated bacteria can attack underlying roots, gum tissue, and bone. So, be disciplined about oral hygiene, and your new smile will remain healthy and bright for years.

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Please see your dentist for a detailed consultation on dental crowns and bridges. We look forward to helping you with your dental needs. Call Dr. A. Joshua Montgomery in Springfield MO at (417) 883-2111.